One Weld Queen

Nowadays, the reliability of many currencies is in question. Even the bitcoin rate will probably not be as positive as the Weld Queen rate, which is unique.
Weld Queen's coins are the monetary unit of the Weld Queendom, which can be exchanged at a favorable rate.
The Weld Queendom is a prosperous place where work and awareness are highly valued. It is a place where people are free from selfish attitudes, social status, gender, age, and other limits.
The currency of the Kingdom is as stable as the material from which it is made, rebar. It is an ironclad, win-win option for art savings.
Currency can be exchanged by contacting the Weld Queen Bank. The bank has now announced other coin denominations: 3, 7, 11, 17, 69, 101, and other Weld Queens. In October 2022,
the Bank issued the first series of 1 Weld Queen coins, with a mintage of 52 coins.