traditional techniques
cutting-edge technology
Artemiro Gallery is a platform dedicated to featuring both established and emerging contemporary artists
At Artemiro, we accentuate meticulously crafted art that seamlessly marries traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology. A defining aspect of our identity is the creation of immersive installations in collaboration with Dmitry Trekhsvyatsky and Artem Mirolevich.
Noteworthy installations have been showcased in prestigious events such as the Venice Biennale 2019, Art Basel Week 2022 at 1Hotel South Beach, and Burning Man’s Vessel of Light at PlayAlchemist 2023.
To date, Artemiro has orchestrated and participated in more than 40 exhibitions and performances globally. Over the past five years, the gallery actively engaged in prominent art fairs, including the Scope Art Fair in New York and Miami, Art on Paper in New York, Context in Miami, the parallel program alongside the 58th Venice Art Biennale in Venice, the Qatar International Art Fair in Doha.
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Alexander Ney
Alexander Ney is often described as an “artist’s artist;” a modern master of rare aesthetic vision who is not only popular in the public realm, but one whose works are honored by his peers for their inherent artistic integrity.
Alexandra Weld Queen is a sculptor and performer. She has realized more than 40 sculptural projects. A viewer can gain personal experience only after interacting with the sculptures. Thus, the art objects get conceptually finished.
Tigran tsitoghdzyan
Tigran Tsitoghdzyan is a New York–based Armenian artist. He began painting at a very young age. Identified as a child prodigy, Tigran began exhibiting his paintings internationally when he was 10 years old.
Damir combines traditional mediums, such as oil painting and sculpture with recycled products of human technology, such as computer motherboards or CDs. Krivenko’s works are exhibited around the world and he is a receiver of numerous prestigious art awards and grants.